The spring of the year is considered a time for new beginnings, new growth and positive lifestyle changes. What could be better than expanding your family and welcoming a new Goldendoodle puppy into your hearts and into your home? You will gain a loyal companion who enjoys exercising and living an active lifestyle right alongside you.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Having a four-legged friend who needs to go outside multiple times a day is much easier to get along with when it’s warm as opposed to during the frigid temperatures of winter. Mild weather for house-breaking is much nicer to contend with.

Consider the great new family routines you can enjoy with loved ones or on your own after supper walking the dog. Maybe you prefer going for a solitary jog with your dog or heading out first thing in the morning instead. Either way, you will have a great reason to incorporate more fresh air into your lifestyle.

Travel savvy

We’ll soon be heading into the summer holidays and the coveted vacation time. Start working with your Goldendoodle puppy from the start. Get your pup comfortable wearing a harness and going for short drives to get used to being in and out of your vehicles. By the time your big summer getaway rolls around, you will have your travel companion all ready to go. Familiarize the dog with its bed, crate or whatever you are going to use.

Socializing your dood

Thanks to the beautiful weather, visiting beaches, dog parks and public outdoor areas is going to be a regular part of your routine. Having the sunny weather to explore in will help you and your dog get all the benefits of frequent fresh air. Don’t forget to take lots of photos at your favorite dog-friendly places. You’ll want to remember these early days.

Water fun

Getting your new canine best friend during the warmer months makes bathtime a breeze. The kids can get into the action and suds Rover up in the backyard or you can all hop into the pool or a nearby body of water for a swim. Having a clean dog makes everyone happy and keeps everyone healthy. Playing fetch along the shoreline leads to a natural tendency for water exploration and many dogs like to swim during their fetch routine.

Obedience training

Many obedience classes take place outdoors. Lots of organizations offer evening summer classes which are ideal for those who are working during the day. The perfect weather will help you make the most of this bonding and educational experience.

Like we said, spring is the perfect time to bring a new Goldendoodle into the family. The entire family will enjoy these warm months even more with a loving and loyal dog along for the picnics, camping trips and everyday fun in the sun.