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Autumn is great for getting outdoors with your doodle

Dogs love this time of year. The air is crisp and filled with scents and sounds and they can’t wait to get out and enjoy it. To make things even better, the bold colors of the season are a visual delight for us as we traverse our neighborhoods, local parks, green spaces and wooded areas with our Goldendoodle companions.

Exercise for mind, body and soul

Breathing re-circulated air all day at your office or within your home can leave you feeling stuffy and  clogged up. The same holds true for your beloved dog. Getting outside every day offers more benefits than simply exercise. Clearing the cobwebs from your mind helps to keep stress from gaining a foothold. Breathe deeply during your walk, hike or jog and your dog will pick up on the positive energy shift as well. Remember, animals are especially sensitive to emotion, mood and energy. This is why dogs often bark, snarl or growl when they encounter someone or something they don’t like.

Get pics of you and your doodle

Don’t forget to take your camera or your cell phone to capture the moments. Your Goldendoodle will love to explore the scurrying critters under the leaves. The smells at this time of year are abundant with all the animals and birds preparing for winter. Play fetch, throw the ball or the stick and watch your dog smile from the inside. Capture the joy in pictures and video so you can revisit it again and again.

Back to school

School’s back in session and the social butterfly that is your Goldendoodle loves to accompany you everywhere. If you walk to school with your kids this can be an awesome time to exercise the dog as well. Just be sure that you have a plan once you are near school property. No matter how well behaved your dog is, leaving him or her unattended is a poor idea.

Ideally, you can kiss the kids and drop them off at the property boundary when they are old enough. However, many younger children in preschool and kindergarten require parents to sign in and sign out. If this is the situation for your children and you can’t see your doodle at all times, taking your dog for a family walk in the afternoon is a better option.

Runners: Get the gear you need

Since you will be trying to get copious amounts of exercise in the Autumn to combat the upcoming turkey dinners and inevitable pumpkin pies, you might turn to running to maintain that svelte figure. If this applies to you and your doodle, be sure that you have the accessories you need.

Make sure that your doodle’s walking harness fits correctly. Check that your leash has not become frayed or threadbare. Some items may have wear that you haven’t noticed before, so make a good gear check before you go out. If you don’t already have a suitable walking/running harness, it is a worthy investment. It enables you to attach the leash at a point near the shoulder blades or in front of the chest and this protects your dog’s neck from being strained by pulling on the leash. Using the right equipment for safety will let you have fun and relish the moments you spend together with your Goldendoodle.

Spring is the ideal time to get a Goldendoodle puppy

The spring of the year is considered a time for new beginnings, new growth and positive lifestyle changes. What could be better than expanding your family and welcoming a new Goldendoodle puppy into your hearts and into your home? You will gain a loyal companion who enjoys exercising and living an active lifestyle right alongside you.

Enjoy the great outdoors

Having a four-legged friend who needs to go outside multiple times a day is much easier to get along with when it’s warm as opposed to during the frigid temperatures of winter. Mild weather for house-breaking is much nicer to contend with.

Consider the great new family routines you can enjoy with loved ones or on your own after supper walking the dog. Maybe you prefer going for a solitary jog with your dog or heading out first thing in the morning instead. Either way, you will have a great reason to incorporate more fresh air into your lifestyle.

Travel savvy

We’ll soon be heading into the summer holidays and the coveted vacation time. Start working with your Goldendoodle puppy from the start. Get your pup comfortable wearing a harness and going for short drives to get used to being in and out of your vehicles. By the time your big summer getaway rolls around, you will have your travel companion all ready to go. Familiarize the dog with its bed, crate or whatever you are going to use.

Socializing your dood

Thanks to the beautiful weather, visiting beaches, dog parks and public outdoor areas is going to be a regular part of your routine. Having the sunny weather to explore in will help you and your dog get all the benefits of frequent fresh air. Don’t forget to take lots of photos at your favorite dog-friendly places. You’ll want to remember these early days.

Water fun

Getting your new canine best friend during the warmer months makes bathtime a breeze. The kids can get into the action and suds Rover up in the backyard or you can all hop into the pool or a nearby body of water for a swim. Having a clean dog makes everyone happy and keeps everyone healthy. Playing fetch along the shoreline leads to a natural tendency for water exploration and many dogs like to swim during their fetch routine.

Obedience training

Many obedience classes take place outdoors. Lots of organizations offer evening summer classes which are ideal for those who are working during the day. The perfect weather will help you make the most of this bonding and educational experience.

Like we said, spring is the perfect time to bring a new Goldendoodle into the family. The entire family will enjoy these warm months even more with a loving and loyal dog along for the picnics, camping trips and everyday fun in the sun.

Adding a dog to your family is a total commitment

Adding a dog to your family is a total commitment. Be prepared to drastically alter your lifestyle if you are planning to welcome this furry family member into your life. As with most big decisions, careful consideration and planning ahead of time can make the entire process more positive for everyone involved.

Call a family meeting

Realistically looking at everyone’s schedule and determining how each family member can contribute prior to adoption will go a long way to ensuring that your dog’s needs are met and that no one is stuck doing everything.

For example, if you work full time, perhaps the kids can pitch in with daily food and water commitments. Have a walking schedule on the fridge to delegate who takes the dog out when. Is afterschool the best? Perhaps a family walk after supper instead of watching TV is more appropriate? Some early birds may prefer to start their day at dawn and take the dog around the block, stopping at the mailbox.

Be realistic

Expecting everyone to change their personalities and habits once your new puppy moves in will only set you up for disappointment. In order to ensure a smooth transition, look at where everyone currently is in their routines and see if adding a dog is even an option. If you are driving the kids all over to extracurricular activities, decide if your puppy will be joining you for lots of car rides. Never leave your dog unattended in the vehicle. You might need to check with the coach ahead of time or budget for an extra crate to include Rover on all of your road trips.

The dog poop dilemma

Teach your kids right from the start that it is not acceptable to allow your dog’s mess to be left on anyone’s lawn or garden. Anyone walking the dog needs to have a little baggie with them just in case. This can be tied to the leash to prevent forgetting — however, be wary if you are training your puppy as swallowing or chewing plastic can be fatal.

At home, take turns each week with doggy duty to prevent one person from feeling like they always have to do the dirty work. Sharing the responsibilities of pet ownership teaches everyone to participate and helps to set your children up to be excellent care providers.

Consistency is vital

In order to communicate your expectations clearly to your Goldendoodle puppy, be sure that you and your family members are on the same page. Discuss where the dog will sleep to prevent confusion. Will it be allowed on the beds? Do you prefer a mat, dog bed or crate? If one person forbids couch cuddles and the other members of the family don’t see the issue, you may find yourself endlessly yelling at the dog or the kids. Discuss the rules ahead of time so that you can all participate in gentle reminders when needed.

Adding a dog to your family is a total commitment but it is achievable and is an extremely rewarding experience. Things will go much smoother if you hear each member’s input ahead of time. This will help you determine what expectations and schedule works best for everyone.

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